Just recently, I had the privilege of attending a complimentary, introductory workshop on dream building and visioning with Barbara Bond, who is a certified life coach with the Life Mastery Institute. If that wasn’t generous enough, Barbara also offered a follow-up session to further the engagement of this valuable work from the G-dness (no typo) in her heart.

The exchange that we shared was extraordinary and insightful...in that the intuitive and receptive interactive coaching was not only purposeful, it was nurturing, constructive, action-based and comprehensive. It was perfectly clear that Barbara came from a place and space of genuine service and care. To have the assistance of an individual of Barbara’s depth and calibre of training and experience is a gift beyond measure. She offers both heart and compass to any dream, vision or life situation that may require realignment. Barbara would and could be the wind beneath anyone’s wings. She’d make you fly your own plane though! But...having said that, is there any other way to fly?

Laura S - Canada
Barbara is a brilliant coach! I was so caught up in worry around what to say and what not to say about my business that I wasn't saying anything at all! Thank you, Barbara, for helping me to remember that I love what I do and when speaking from my heart the words will just flow; and flow they did! I was heard!  I was interviewed for a health magazine and it was so easy!

Patty H - USA
I reviewed the form you asked me to fill out at the beginning of my ‘pure’ coaching with you, and I can only say that magic has happen. You are a magician!

Elisabeth L - France
I attended Barbara's Vision Workshop and it did assist me to have a greater vision for my business by highlighting some very distinct questions to ask of ourselves as we move forward. I also took home some key points about using our five senses to assist with the visualization of our dream. In my follow-up one on one coaching sessions, I received many useful tips in building my business and outlined steps I can do at home.

Barbara is an amazing listener and used all of her extensive knowledge and background in the coaching field to motivate me in expanding my business.

Donna B - Canada
Dear Barbara,
Before I dive into work, I’d like to send you from my (new!) computer a deep and heartfelt thank you.
I would like to share that, with your wisdom and sensitivity that you put in your coaching, without any judgment, with unconditional support, I can witness the start of tangible changes into my life with the kind of people that I am meeting now, or have started to meet. All of them have a common pattern: Entrepreneur. Which means for me, people looking to stretch themselves and all of them with Life Values, of course, close to mine (that you helped me to discover previously) allowing such deep and valuable connections to move forward in a collaborative relationship.
My lesson here is that thanks to your guidance, I learned to be able to open to Life. Love (with big L) is a great tool.
Thanks to you Barbara for your wise and unconditional support.

E. Legrain - Singapore/France
Barbara is an excellent empathic listener who listens with her heart.
She asked great questions that helped me to think about the situation as an opportunity rather than a problem to be solved. I felt heard and well supported emotionally and spiritually.
Her strong encouragement to explore options and possibilities and to come up with a plan of action inspired me to be accountable to myself, to stop procrastinating and to take action.
Barbara reminded me of the most important relationship, the one I have with myself, and how important it is to fill my cup first or take great Self Care so that when I desire to help others I am coming from a place of fullness and resourcefulness.
I am grateful to have experienced Barbara’s wisdom in action!

Suzanne W - Canada
I have known Barbara for over 30 years now and was struck when I first met her, and still, by her ability to fully listen with a compassionate heart to me and to others. Barbara has always had the ability to listen deeply to who I am beneath whatever stories I need to tell. As long as I’ve known her, Barbara has always that ability to hear and feel into and beneath the surface, to ask that one or more insightful question that leads me deeper, into more important, significant and sometimes more scary places, places that, if I had the courage to visit, always led me to growth and evolution of self in ways that are life enhancing and relationship enriching.
Over 10 years ago now, Barbara undertook the courses and training necessary to become a life coach. Her natural ability, coupled with her unique compassion and caring about others and their growth, changed to become a laser-focused and effective tool. More than once, I have engaged Barbara in her professional capacity as a coach to assist me to overcome a hurdle, negotiate a thorny passage, or emerge into a light at the end of a tunnel. Every time I have been grateful for her supportive, caring and compassionate perspectives and assistance as I make my way on my life path. Coaches are like any other helping professional, the right fit is important; I am here to tell you that if you resonate with her, Barbara is unrivalled in her ability to support you in your growth and evolution to living a more fulfilling life – even the life of your dreams!

Tess Bray - Canada
Barbara's coaching encouraged me to step into my dream by asking me the right questions in order for me to manifest fantastic results.

Patricia Y. - Canada